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About Hanna Home Services

Hello and thank you for stopping by! We're Les and Kimberly Hanna, the proud owners of Hanna Homes Services. Our story is one of love, family, and a shared passion for creating memorable spaces and moments.

Our journey began in 2020, and after tying the knot in 2021, we've embraced life's adventures with open hearts. Our lively crew includes three wonderful kids, a lovable dog, and a curious cat—each adding their own touch of magic to our daily lives.

Kimberly is not just a real estate agent; she's your trusted guide in finding that perfect place to call home. With a keen eye for design and a love for turning houses into homes, she brings warmth and expertise to the world of real estate.

Les wears multiple hats as a home inspector and real estate photographer. His lens captures the essence of homes, ensuring each property tells its unique story. Beyond real estate, Les is also a sports photographer at Walt Disney World, freezing moments of triumph during runDisney events.

Our love for travel and the great outdoors led us to discover the joy of camping in our travel trailer, exploring new horizons as a family. And speaking of magic, we're unapologetically obsessed with all things Disney. The enchantment of Disney has not only inspired our family adventures but also plays a significant role in Les's work at runDisney events.

Beyond the hustle, Kim finds joy in cooking up delicious meals and turning our home into a festive wonderland during holidays.

We invite you to explore our website. Whether you're seeking a home inspection, looking for top-notch real estate photography, or environmental testing for your home we are excited to be of service to you.

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