New Realtor Introduction To Home Inspections

As a newly licensed real estate agent, understanding the full scope of a home inspection can be daunting.  Like everything else, you will become more comfortable with the process as you learn more about it and have gone through the process a few times.  In this article we hope to help you be well prepared with lots of inspection knowledge.


Why Are Home Inspections Important?

When someone is making the largest purchase of their lives it is important they are knowledgeable about all faulty systems present.  With this knowledge they can then choose the best option for them, proceed with the purchase, request repairs or find a home that better meets their needs.  As their agent, you want the buyers to be aware of what they are purchasing so they don’t have  buyers remorse later.


What Areas Does The Home Inspection Cover?

A good home inspector will look at the home from roof to crawlspace, inside and outside.  The inspection standard is to check if items operate as intended and identify safety concerns.  The inspection is not intended to identify cosmetic defects.  The inspection does not cover items which are not physically a part of the home.  Home inspections also do not cover specialty areas such as wells, septic systems and solar panels.


When To Schedule A Home Inspection?

If you are listing a property for sale a pre listing inspection can be helpful, especially in a buyers market.  A pre listing inspection can identify, to the seller, any issues which may arise during the selling process.  It can also be a great sales tool in showing potential buyers the current condition of the home.


For home buyers it is important to schedule the inspection as soon the purchase agreement is signed by all parties.  Contingency periods can vary by offer, but you want to make sure there is plenty of time to get the inspection scheduled and performed as well as time to receive the report and address any issues found.  


How To Choose A Home Inspector?

Many factors can go into deciding which home inspector to recommend to your clients.  Standards require you to recommend three for the client to choose from.  However, in time you will likely develop a relationship with an inspector you trust and will likely guide your clients towards that inspector.  


The first thing to look for is an inspector who is licensed and insured.  Florida requires a state license to perform home inspections.  Insurance is in place to protect you as well as the inspector if defects are missed during the inspection.


It is also important to know what their reports look like and how quickly the report is delivered.  The report should be easy to read and navigate.  It should include lots of pictures.  In this digital age it is not uncommon to expect same day delivery of reports.


It is very helpful for you to know the inspector.  You want someone you can call with questions before or after the inspection is completed. The inspector should also have great communication skills, they should be able to explain defects without being an alarmist.


A good home inspector is an important part of your team.  Building a relationship with them can be very beneficial for years to come.  Working consistently with someone you like, trust and value is priceless.


Who should attend the inspection?

The home seller should never be present unless it is a pre listing inspection.


The less distractions for the home inspector the better.  You want them to be able to focus on the home.  With that being said it is ideal if the inspector is at the home alone.  Of course some buyers insist on being present and they have the right to be there if they choose.  In those instances I encourage that they arrive for the last 30 minutes of the estimated inspection time.  This gives the inspector time to complete most of the inspection before they arrive.  


If the buyers insist on being present for the entire inspection that is ok as well.  It’s just important that they understand the inspector has a flow and disrupting that flow can lead to mistakes.


Want to learn more?

I will gladly meet with you and go over the inspection process in person.  We can even walk a home together and I will point out what I look for room by room.  I’ve done this with other new agents and can promise you it is the best way to learn about home inspections.  Call or text me and we can set it up, 904-658-1009.