What Is A 4 Point Inspection?

You aren’t alone if you are asking yourself, “What is a Four Point Inspection and why do I have to pay for one?”  Being required to have a four point inspection generally happens when getting a new (or renewing) homeowner’s policy, or if you are negotiating for a better rate on your policy.  Insurance companies will also sometimes require a new inspection every 5 years for existing policies.

Here in the greater Jacksonville area, as with Florida in general, insurance companies face considerable financial risk from hurricane damage.  Even our inland areas like Orange Park, Green Cove Springs and Middleburg can receive high winds and storm surge off of the St Johns River.  To mitigate that risk, Florida allows the insurance companies to require a four point inspection to determine a home’s four main systems are functioning properly and safely.

What Does A Four Point Inspection Cover?

A Four point inspection looks at your home’s four main systems; Electrical, HVAC (Air Conditioning), Plumbing and Roof.   It is mainly a visual inspection to determine functionality, age and safety.  Thus a four point inspection isn’t exhaustive and should be used as a substitution for a full home inspection when purchasing a home.

Can My Home Fail A Four Point Inspection?

No.  There is no pass or fail of a Four Point Inspection.  It is simply a reporting of observed conditions and ages of the systems.  Although there is no failing, your insurance company may require upgrades or repairs based upon the inspection findings.

How Long Does A Four Point Inspection Take?

A Hanna Home Services Four Point Inspection generally requires about 1 hour on site.  We perform permit searches and report writing at our office so as to not tie up your time.  Hanna Home Services  reports are delivered on the same day as the inspection.

My insurance company also mentioned a Wind Mitigation report, is that the same thing as a Four Point Inspection?

No, a wind mitigation report looks at the ways a home is built to sustain high winds.  Often times a homeowner’s insurance discount can be received based on the wind mitigation findings.  The amount of this discount varies but often times exceeds the cost of both inspections.

Although it is different than the Four Point inspection they often get done at the same time because both are related to insuring the home.  Look at it this way…..Four Point determines insurability while Wind Mitigation provides a discount.

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